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★v4.0 [Lone Stargazer] Trailer★ – Honkai Impact 3rd

v4.0 [Lone Stargazer] coming soon! Theresa’s SP battlesuit [Starlit Astrologos] and new Story Chapter [Thunders Over Nagazora] await!

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  1. Why kiana die

  2. 0:32 Mei-senpai is a fast runner but Da Bronya is faster on motorcycle

  3. Indian Soldier will do something with all Honkai girls soon.

  4. 1:57 is that a hint at the next herrscher?

  5. 德莉莎鄙視的眼神真棒

  6. does anyone know the music name

  7. Ia that New song I hear?

  8. Woww

  9. Wait where is the dialog soud

  10. Damnit you guys always pull the good stuff when I'm at exam

  11. Please don't say that we have to battle this Hephaedall thing

  12. 这差了一个多月的时间。

  13. Evolution Loli XD > _ <

  14. Finally!

  15. No VA for the new teri"? And why mei fighting something that looks like come from KH universe!

  16. 世界で一番かわいい!

  17. no more herrscher please

  18. I am waiting for Elf Tesla :3

  19. RWBY?

  20. Why do this game has so many awesome OSTs?

  21. You have to stop! My game size is about 10gb! My cellphone is crying

  22. My Crystal : " Ah shit – here we go again! "


  24. mihoyo level equal marvel

  25. There's no need to delete the Chinese voice. It's better than nothing.

  26. New character…… wish it is easy to get like sakura DJ

  27. Best dubstep beat @@@@@@@@@@@

  28. Therese is starting to look even more closer to Kallen. What a great time to live

  29. I'm already promise to save my crystals for Argent Knight..
    Must.. resist..

  30. BIO>MECH
    Wait, that's illegal

  31. Cheverre

  32. Pelo amor de Deus qnd vão adicionar o idioma PORTUGUÊS (BR)? 🤔 Adicionem logo… 😔 Desde já obrigado!! 👍🏻😉

  33. I can see my phone is melting….

  34. aww we dont get jp dub for this chapter cg too?

  35. So these is the new season

  36. Herrsher Mei inbound boyes, time to start farming crystals

  37. I really love the music in this already awesome video

  38. Stupid mihoyo you can just drop the chinese dub and put some subtitles on it. i hate it when the trailer loses some important stuff by missing dubs/

  39. I rlly wanna know that starlit astrologos soundtrack

  40. Pls make himeko alive again

  41. hey hey hey

  42. They made cute Theresa look gorgeous in stylishly elegant with the outfit & make up this time <3

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