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$100 Spring Roll VS $1 Spring Roll!!! Vietnam's Most Dynamic Street Food!!


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ADDRESS: Trần Nhân Tôn Market – Ngô Gia Tự Condo, Hòa Hảo, Ward 2, District 10

🇻🇳GỎI CUỐN TÔM THỊT: Lay the rice paper on a tray, spray water on it and add boiled shrimp, boiled pork belly, chives, spring sprouts, lettuce, herbs and then roll. | Peanut sauce: black peanut sauce, peanut, coconut milk and grinded mung bean, fried onion and chilli flakes.

💸PRICE: 7000 VND / $0.30 USD p/roll
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ADDRESS: 93 Ton That Dam Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1

🇻🇳ASSORTED BÁNH TRÁNG: chilli oil, phở rice sheet, perilla, fried onion, grilled rice paper and Vietnamese dasi (made from seaweed, fish sauce, vinegar and lime)

🇻🇳 CUỐN BÒ VỚI SỐT TRUFFLE (BEEF ROLL WITH TRUFFLE SAUCE): Roll with Phở rice sheet, bánh tráng, chive, mango, stir-fried onion, stir-fried beef and basil. | Dipping sauce: Truffle with beef sauce (peanut sauce, hoisin sauce, beef demi glace, truffle and garlic chips)

🇻🇳 CUỐN GIÒ THỦ (PIG HEAD-CHEESE ROLL): Roll with rice paper, pig head skin, slaw, papaya, basil, Vietnamese coriander. | Dipping sauce: Sweet and sour fish sauce (fish sauce, chilli, garlic, sugar, lime, fried scallion oil)

🇻🇳 CUỐN NEM NƯỚNG (GRILLED PORK SAUSAGE ROLL): Roll with rice paper, lettuce, grilled pork sausage, fried rice paper, cucumber, fish leaf, starfruit. | Dipping sauce : Pate sauce with foie gras (pate sauce, foie gras, peanut butter, hoisin and chilli oil

🇻🇳CUỐN THỊT XÁ XÍU TRẢNG BÀNG (TRANG BANG INSPIRED TROTTER ROLL): Roll with rice paper, central banh xeo, boiled pork (homemade char siu), mustard green, fish leaf, stir-fried onion. | Dipping sauce: Tamarind fish sauce (tamarind, fish sauce and chive)

🇻🇳 CUỐN BÁNH HỎI HEO QUAY (PORCHETTA INSPIRED ROLL): Roll with rice paper, roasted pork, vermicelli cake, green scallion oil, herb, fish leaf, pickle leeks. | Dipping sauce: Fermented fish sauce (fermented fish sauce, pork jus, pineapple, garlic, lemongrass)

🇻🇳CLASSIC GỎI CUỐN: Roll with rice paper, lettuce, perilla, fish leaf, pork trotter, prawn, chive and rice noodles. | Dipping sauce: Prawn bisque (prawn shell, coconut milk, peanut butter and pork jus)

💸PRICE: 800,000 VND / $35.30 USD for full course
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ADDRESS: 85 Hoang Sa Street, Đakao Ward, District 1
OPENING HOURS: 11:00AM – 11:00PM

🇻🇳$100 GỎI CUỐN:

Roll 1: Roll with Kobe beef, cooking oil, garlic salt, rice paper, bladder cherries and herbs. | Dipping sauce: butter, rosemary sprinkles, foie gras, fermented fish sauce, coriander, kumquat, pepper.

Roll 2: Roll with Japanese scallops, dragon fruit, rice paper, hot sauce, rocket leaves, lettuce and red caviar. | Dipping sauce: sea urchin, black caviar, Hymalian black salt, yellow melon, yellow melon juice, passion fruit sauce, hot sauce.

💸PRICE: 2,328,700 VND / $100USD

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    By the way I am from Mexico and we have seriously great food here, but from the countries I have visited I rank Thai Food in 2 (after my country of course) . Obviously is because I’m used to our flavors. No disrespect.

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