2020 Ford Explorer 2.3L Review | Base Engine Perfection

Ford’s base engine in the 2020 Explorer is something of a surprise. With 300 horsepower and the only 10-speed automatic in the segment, the 2.3L Ecoboost Explorer is seriously quick. With solid 0-60 times, a new rear wheel drive chassis and some of the widest tires you’ll find on a modern crossover, this is the first time the Explorer can be described as a corner carver. But Ford didn’t stop there, there’s also a towing capable hybrid model, a fire-breathing ST model and in Europe a plug in hybrid as well. If you’ve ignored the Explorer in the past, it’s time to put it back on your shopping list.

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  1. Ford, bold moves, everyday.

  2. everything good but the rear part of the Explorer. It is like if they run out of materials. Also, why is so low in overall height?

  3. How much this ?

  4. Excellent!! You sold me.

  5. What about off-road test??

  6. How do you disconnect the 4 wheel dive for highway driving

  7. Scotty says no!

  8. I know some of older explorers had engines like the 3.5 that the water pump is turned by the timing chain in the engine and be around a 1,500 dollar job to replace but I wonder if the 2020 model has any engine like that.

  9. It's a SUV not a crossover

  10. Love my new XLT Ford Explorer its Awsome

  11. The interior panel gaps between the wood trim and the plastic are huge. Savagegeese gave this the worst transmission ever award and said the car was half baked. Either you got paid or Savagegeese didn't.

    You said it handles better than anything in this segment… Really??? A truck based platform handles better?? Lol.

  12. Explorer is one of the unique suv, but that turbo lag with 10 speed trans make it sucks

  13. I like the smaller screen. Because it has a storage under it and the backup camera will look better then the bigger one.

  14. Hi Alex,
    My wife and I are stuck at home due to COVID 19 and using the time to review SUV's. We are moving to the hill country of Texas soon and will be having to drive down a few dirt roads to get to our house property.
    The Explorer looks to be a great SUV for our use. We really appreciate your attention to detail.

  15. Really like the turn signals and switch to RWD but not surprised he compared it to Land Rover as Ford seems to steal a lot of their design from Range Rover and their taillights remind me too much of Honda Passport, for the 360, it reminds me too much of Nissan’s Safety Shield 360. c’mon ford

  16. Stop using lenses that distort the view of the car !

  17. When yours seller at indonesia..?

  18. For me if I was getting one I get the limited or ST with that 8inch screen. It better with the camera system then that bigger one.

  19. You're the ONLY reviewer who mention cabin noise by dB. THANK YOU!!!! everyone else's description of "quiet" or "pretty quiet" or "low road noise" means NOTHING! SO GLAD you have object data. Having stated that…i can't seem to catch the decibel for this model's review. Did you do one?

  20. Awesome review as your norm.
    Ford seems to make seats for 120 pound women these days.
    Are the seats comfortable and how was the wind noise?
    I'd be in the market for a XLT as the discounts are deep right now.

  21. I love my ford explorer!

  22. Love my new explorer ❤️

  23. I actually thought the 2015 design was the best looking – especially the police interceptor version

  24. I just bought 2.3L Explorer Limited, 😍

  25. Explorer been FWD since 2010. The profile looks like Range Rover with roof slope down toward back

  26. The new generation of Ford products introduced in the last couple of years are looking really promising. I like the direction Ford is headed.

  27. Wow this is so much better than any pilots and Highlanders

  28. Love it but it needs to tow more.

  29. I just bought the 2020 XLT 4×4 and am really enjoying the vehicle, but on YouTube you will find your typical cast of haters. Don’t pay attention to them. These are great vehicles.

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