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Join us as we show you around our $700 apartment here in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

If you are interested in an apartment like this, feel free to contact us and we’ll put you in contact with the agent we went through. Finding the right apartment can be tough in Vietnam but we think we got really lucky with this one. We love it here! It has everything we need from pools, a gym, convenience stores, coffee shops and a pharmacy.

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We’re Rhett & Claire, a couple from Johannesburg, South Africa. We left Africa to embark on an adventure starting off in Asia! We would really love to have you follow along on this adventure! Our first few months will be spent in South East Asia where we are enrolled for a TESOL course in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam!

Our goal for this channel is to document and show you guys as much of the process as possible while making it fun, informative and cinematic. So stay tuned if you are interested in exploring new places with us, eating weird and wonderful foods and diving into the local culture and life as an English teacher in Asia.


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  1. Nice lovely apartment. Great video. Great video quality

    You guys make great videos you deserve many more subscribers

  2. what will it cost to buy?????????/

  3. omg i knew you guys were from sa cos i recognized the accent. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  4. Enjoy life n stay in Vietnam .

  5. Quick question, did you have to sign a year contract for the apartment?

  6. bareng sama2 nonton vidio ku ! Aagym itu ustadz tdk jelas..dia itu pendukung ~Anis yg seiman tp dia tdk tau Anis itu .gubernur bekerjanya tdk becus dan kata kata tdk bisa di percaya..dasar gubernur mencari untung saja di dlm kesempitan…pertanyaannya kemana uang APBD.yg triliunan rupiah di gunakan..masa tdk ada dana utk sosial .bencana .yg skrng ini data bencana.kesehatan..yg skrng ada wabah virus corona.

  7. suskep ke chan ku ayuh 😉 Suasana yg indah pergantian tahun 2019 / 2020..dah duluan salkomsel

  8. This is western price. Not cheap.

  9. What a beautiful place 😍

  10. Very well shot and edited video! Can't wait to ride motorbikes in Vietnam when I'm back.

  11. Too expensive $700 plus electric..are there cheaper unit's I can see 500

  12. Super NICE 👌👍 thanks for sharing 😄

  13. Netflix works in VN?

  14. Is it 700$ a day, week, month,etc.

  15. Great video I’m gonna be living in Ho chi minh This December could you please tell us what’s the name of the apartament? And also is it serviced?

  16. Hi guys. Beautiful appartment and nice looking area. How did u find the appartment? There are heaps of rental websites but i am concern about the trustworthy of these sites. Any tips? Thanks

  17. Welcome to VietNam thanks for video guys

  18. What currency is the $700 in?

  19. Did it come fully furnished? Cuz at 700 this is a steal

  20. Wow this women looks like she got out of my dreams and is walking the earth now. But dreams are just dreams so. Good luck to you both. And keep up the good work.

  21. Wow very nice apartment

  22. I have a really good friend who lives in Ho Chi Minh District 7 and she told me that theres a lot of flooding in District 2 where your new apartment is. Have you experienced anything like that?

  23. Your apartment is great and you're in a beautiful area. I didn't realize housing was so expensive in Vietnam, but compared to living here in California, it's a steal. That same apartment here in Fresno would be $1100.00 a month and if it was in Los Los Angeles it would be around $2800.00. How much can an English teacher make in Vietnam?

  24. Hey, I'm currently in HCMC and would love to find a place like this. Could you provide me more information?

  25. That's a nice apartment. Is the gym included in the rent? That's a really nice gym!

  26. Thanks guys for the information, we have spent a bit of time in Chiang Mai but are always on the lookout for options and this looks like a good one. Nice quality vid too. Will keep watching for updates.

  27. It would cost $2500-$3000 in my Canadian city for a 2 bedroom apartment like that.

  28. Miami sports club in Ho Chi Minh City, love it! What a lovely apartment/flat and we hope to make it to Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam ourselves one day soon! We found you from Lost LeBlanc's channel and are glad we got to connect, would hope you can check out some of our videos, we're a newer channel, thanks so much and glad to make new friends!

  29. What apartment is this!?!? Thanks for posting

  30. Hey that's me! Miss you guys so much!

  31. Love the intro!

  32. That intro transition…so good 🙌🏼🙌🏼

  33. Stunning and clean and such easy living. Very informative video and also cannot wAit to visit soon soon. Thanks for sharing 😊 loved the jump Claire 🤣sure Mandy and I wish we cld do that

  34. What an amazing apartment. I can't wait to see you guys and your apartment

  35. Looks beautiful guys, nice spot to set yourselves up. What a stunning view!

  36. Nice. I took my family out to Vietnam for the first time last year an we loved it. I'm also South African and went to make my fortune in South Korea around 15 years ago. My first Korean 'apartment' was a converted car garage with a roller door for a bedroom wall and a dirty mattress on top of an oil stain. With a savings plan and will to work long hours, I now live in my own really nice apartment and have just started my own little school. I'd love to see you review and rate teaching ESL from different countries including China, Japan, and South Korea if you ever leave Vietnam.

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