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Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 Release – New Features

Photoshop CC has rolled out many updates since it was first released. The latest 2014 release is packed with useful new and improved features that you need to know. In this video, you’ll learn about the new Smart Guides, automatic font downloading, Path and Spin blur, 3D printing support, and more. Watch this video and find out how you can benefit from all the new updates in the Photoshop CC 2014 release!

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• Narrated by Dean Wendt
• Tutorial by Denny Tang

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  1. hi, at 1:36, the pink box it appears only in photoshop cc? because i have PS cs6 and it doesn't.

  2. Oli paint 2014

  3. cra pintar bljr photoshop

  4. cra pintar bljr photoshop

  5. Sir pls tell me where is hair tool

  6. it have nik collection

  7. is the voice from How is made tv show?

  8. well i have cc but the 3d feature is not there. How could i activate it?? please help 🙁 i want to do something with games, and i have the cc cracked if it helps.

  9. Awesome………..

  10. Its great presentation of new feathers of PS CC…

  11. i know BUT they charging for the down load client to down load photoshop it a god dam client for dl program why we paying for that as well 1 word Greed!! . lucky i found way round it all . . 

  12. LINK of Download ???

  13. Awesome 🙂

  14. Hi I'm Deric from singapore, i have one small problem with my photoshop cc 2014 due the super lag of using quick selection tool, i have problem selecting my object and it really very laggy…can you teach me how to solve this problem instead? many thanks in advance 🙁

    Deric Tan

  15. cant instal it on vista what is this?

  16. Have  PS CS5 and lightroom. got CC for 30.00 month trial but didn't remove cs5 (good thing). Used CC for the one year, nothing but problems from the start, then stopped and deleted it. Absolutely HATE RENTING my software! Will use cs5 as long as possible then switch to program that I can own without monthly payments! New features might be nice but not enough for the monthly payment and frustrations, cs5 is mine and I don;t have to pay to use it.

  17. Great

  18. No worth updates disappointing CC … all can be done by CS 6, moreover who needs 3d in Photoshop?  i would rather go for dedicated 3d software like rhino or blender ( Free) 

  19. and i need to learn from basic please help me.

  20. Hello I need Photoshop tutorials for jewelry retouching with audio.please help    

    Nice & New features.thanks adobe Ps.

  22. nice!! video

  23. Thank you

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