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Animated Short [Meteoric Salvation] Japanese Dub Version – Honkai Impact 3rd

Honkai Impact 3rd new animated short [Meteoric Salvation] Japanese Dub Version released!

Though dreadful gloom grips this endless night
I will burn like a star and give hope its light
For your vows are mine and I shall make things right

※Animated short published by miHoYo Anime

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  1. OMG i love this ❣❣❣❣❣😭😭

  2. MY GOODNESS the animation style is both beautiful AND unique! Id fricking love an anime of this style and would definitely support/help kickstart a show!

  3. "In a lot of stories, the hero chooses to sacrifice himself, and thanks to his sacrifice, the good guys win and the survivors all cheer. But the hero… Never gets to see that ending. He never knows if his sacrifice meant anything. Sometimes, you just need to have faith."
    -Leonard Church (Epsilon)

  4. Its at this moment we saw our idiot baby girl become a mature selfless bad$!#


  6. Where i can found this CG in Honkai Impact 3 ?

  7. Means Himeko bc what she did

  8. 1:57 Granny as a young woman sure got the gymnastics with that bat.

  9. Amazing short film 🎥🎬👀

  10. That is my waifu

  11. Merinding cuy :'

  12. i come here again to watch Himeko's smile…

  13. K-423 matured real nice while real Kiana is edging up somewhere deep in Otto's base, locked in custody.

  14. I do not like to watch anime, but somehow attracts my attention

  15. 3:12 Himeko :')

  16. Come on our Tuna ❤️❤️❤️

  17. Unlimited money,

  18. Bayonetta I mean

  19. I love Kiana something about her seems like a time young white haired bay

  20. Which song?

  21. im not sure, but i feel more deep in Chinese dub

  22. Name this song?

  23. no but seriously wheres our anime?

  24. Why does Azur Lane have a full anime adaptation but not HI3rd?? Surely miHoYo makes as much, if not more than Yostar???

  25. Kiana… You Are The Most Epic Valkyrie I Have Ever Met I Even Have Herrscher Of The Void

  26. People indo mana suaranya😂

  27. 0:58 Name of the soundtrack??? Please

  28. 4:57 what is the title of that song?

  29. I love when her hair release with her power and flying like shooting star

  30. Note To Self:
    More Moneyz on Gacha
    Better Animation

  31. Tsabomba

  32. i bet Sirin watching while eating popcorn inside kiana

  33. Is this the last chapter?

  34. So Himeko is really dead tho ?

    She's already being a ghost…

  35. It’s like War of The Spark all over again.

  36. Please take out PC version

  37. Honkai impact should have an anime!
    Who agrees with me

  38. Storyline: checked💯
    Game quality: checked💯
    Animation: checked💯
    Movie/Anime: ??? ☝️

  39. 02:22 Reminds me of the Matrix when Trinity back flipped off the bike in the air and throw it into the building to explosion!

  40. Reminiscent of the scene where Iron Man pushed a nuclear bomb in the Avengers

  41. who will win?
    an army of high tech mech

    or a baseball bat?

  42. –3:20 ……….. 😱😘😘😘❤️

  43. 6:19 this music Starfall made me cry and tear (real cry and tear)
    This song call "Starfall" is good music i love that
    Thx Honkai Impact 3rd Global, i will give you credit card
    6:19 Kiana look cute and badass

  44. I notice that the japanesse voice actress of kiana was also a voice actress of kagura in gintama

  45. Neko charm

  46. What is the song that start at 2:55?

  47. after 2 months, watching this again. himeko's part always got me. every rewatch always got me. :"(

  48. I love this game ❤️

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