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BMW R nineT Scrambler First Ride Review

With a dose of the past mixed with plenty of the present, BMW has positioned the R nineT Scrambler as the latest entrant into one of the most popular classes of bikes on the road. In using the R nineT blueprint, BMW has taken many of the style and performance aspects of the original and tailored them for a more rugged aesthetic in the latest addition to their Heritage lineup. In the BMW R nineT Scrambler First Ride Review, Spurgeon takes the bike both on-road and off in order to showcase that which it does well, where it needs improvement, and what it means for the future of the BMW lineup as a whole.

Gear Used In This Video:

Shoei VFX-W Helmet:

100% Racecraft Goggles:

REV’IT! Red Hook Jacket:

Alpinestars Copper Jeans:

REV’IT! Rodeo Boots:

REV’IT! Dirt 2 Gloves:

Tory Lee SE Air Corsa Jersey:

Forcefield Pro Shirt X-V:

Klim Latitude Pants:

TCX X-Helium Boots:

Nguồn: https://palabrasquevuelan.com/

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  1. For those interested, see the description for all of Spurgeon's gear.

  2. Triff informative review. Cheers

    Regards Rog

  3. The R nine T is a sick looking bike. It has to be my first bike, after I get my license.

  4. review the bmw k1300r

  5. Most reviews have the rider taking his hands off the handle bars, it does nothing to help the review. Stay safe.

  6. Yamaha xsr 155

  7. Great review. Thank you. Maybe its bout time for 2020 model one too. But thanks again.

  8. For tall people – T120 or R nineT???

  9. Is it possible to get rid of the steering damper to improve the "vague" handling? And prolly put a different steering damper.

  10. This is a fantastic review and not cherry picking information. Top marks

  11. I wish the engine fitted in nicely with the frame of the motorbike instead of bulging out each side.

  12. All your hand gestures are pointless. The front mudguard was designed to splatter mud over the front of the engine. Rubbish.

  13. How would it fit for a larger rider? I am 6ft3 240lbs. I'm worried I will buy a bike too small. Where as the harleys give me some leg room.

    I love the look of this bike. If anyone knows from experience or anything let me know

  14. Review or compare the Ducati Scrambler 1100 Special

  15. Talk about missing the point.

    There are plenty of people using this bike for a mix of off-road and street. It’s not intended to be the best at everything, just a good compromise for most things.

  16. Thank you. Really helpful review. Top production qualities to boot!

  17. Mods I would make : front & rear suspension, sump guard, crash bars, 60 / 40 tyres, wind shield & second instrument gauge but then there are ADV bikes with drive shafts off the floor at similar prices.

  18. I am coming off a Hypermotard SP and wondering if I'll be disappointed with the performance of the scrambler, any input?

  19. Since I had decided to live my life before I die I promise my self I would get that bike,I love those classic looks and the sounds since I was a kid.

  20. To begin with. I would just change the tyres for better manoeuvrability. Take it from there.

  21. After watching Mission Impossible fallout, I immediately looked for the name of this bike. Love how Tom Cruise riding it

  22. could you do a review of 2019 Norton Commando 961 Street?

  23. you should know what gear you are in you dont need to be told by a clock , ie rev counter ??? this is a back to basics bike a real bike thats the idea ? no taco required.

  24. This or the street scrambler….hmmmmmm

  25. Rode one of these. Its a fun toy. Plenty of power and it turns decently, not as heavy as he makes it sound. Then again i dont have a channel that reviews bikes haha. But i agree that it needs that tachometer because i usually dont count my gears on my Harley cuz its on the digital display. Plus the shifter is really soft and quiet, so shifting with steel toe boots limits the feel of the shift lever. Its just what i wear on my feet, i wont ride with regular shoes. Best way to learn about this bike is to go ride it. I was talking smack until i hopped on it and rode it. Now i wouldnt mind owning one. Not as comfy as my Harley but definitely faster. Peace.

  26. How is this bike on the highway, say over 70 mph?

  27. Great review…totally agree with your comparisons to the 'scrambler' range. Can this bike take some bar risers do you think..? Steve

  28. I really like that jacket

  29. Quick question from a fellow tall guy (6 4") – what's more comfortable, the r nine t scrambler or the triumoh street scrambler (probably with some raised bars on both)?

  30. By far the best review I've seen!

  31. Love my scrambler.
    Looks , engine performance.
    Only mod needed in my opinion
    Adjustable shock and adjustable fork cartridges.
    Then I’ll have a great sunny Sunday ride😎
    Great vid thanks.

  32. Will you please do a review on Benelli TNT 600

  33. Seems like for the money that bike is missing a lot. No adjustability on the suspension, no upside down forks , no tach or fuel gauge and smaller brakes. Why not just buy a regular Nine T and put spokes on it? Yeah it looks cool but there is so much missing for $13,000. Not to mention the one at the dealership down the street is setup with spokes and they are asking closer to $15,000. Do you have any idea how nice of a bike you can buy for $15,000 thats loaded with everything this one is missing?

  34. Who came after Mission Impossible : Fallout?

  35. I bought one of these, put the OG Metzeler Tourance tires on it, and she rides like a dream on the road and pretty darn good on the forest service roads in my area for camping trips. I doubt any heavy bike like this would be good in sandy soil but it's great pretty much everywhere else.

  36. How tall are you? Cuz the bike looks tiny on you.
    PS: Im 5’11” and if your that height , then unfortunately i will have to pass on this bike. Tell motorcycle companys to start making different size bikes like bicycle companys do. These motorcycle companys are still stuck in the past and not trying to think outside the box and make there bikes for different customer heights. They are clueless to see they would sale more bikes if they did this. They just need the standard size like they all make now, and just make one size bigger for taller riders. Medium and Large size for there popular models. They dont see that theres thousands of people who choose not to buy there bikes because they sit on the bike and it looks ridiculously small on taller riders. Thats sales that are lost and customers that are lost only because of the size of the bike only.

  37. Would this perform alright for highway travel?

  38. the boxer twin just convince me to switch my interest from Bonneville to R Nine T. Like you said, there is so much characteristic

  39. I’m still going for Z900RS. The BMW is nice though.

  40. I'd shave down the nut and take the buzz out the E string. 🙂

  41. Headlight needs a visor

  42. Street tires / Wrap the Exhaust pipes / Skid plate / Basic Fairing

  43. Nice edition…

  44. First modification is a top-box that can hold a full face helmet.

  45. Would you share the details on your camera mount used on the dirt helmet?

  46. I just got my F800R serviced at my local BMW dealer and they let me take this bike as a loaner for the day. It had the regular mag wheels and street tires on it. I fell in love with this thing, this is a true city bike. I will have to say, that I didn’t feel that I needed to “muscle it around,” on the contrary, I could flick this all over the street. That boxer 900 felt right and I loved all the pops and cracks I got from downshifting coming up to street lights.

    Now I need to go find $14000

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