BMW R NineT Scrambler Review

This is my honest review of BMW R NineT Scrambler which I recorded in the Czech republic.

It is an amazing motorcycle which I have been comparing for a few days with the Ducati Scrambler Special 1100. You can watch the review here

In the end I kind of felt that for the similar amount of money you will get “more motorcycle” if you choose BMW. It grabs more attention of people, it is significantly faster, the design is just superb and the engine will be bullet-proof. Great!

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  1. What is your hight?

  2. Any pro rider knows: you don’t need a tach. You just know when it’s time to shift. You feel it.

  3. Will miss Czech Republic this year, we ride down from Scotland every year, my wife originally from Pardubice

  4. Beautiful bike the one Tom Cruise used in mission impossible fallout

  5. Very nice review. Thanks.

  6. how tall are you ? 🙂

  7. Great review. But its a scrambler, cant you at least take it off-road or on dirt road for a bit?

  8. N

  9. safe and slow totally agree 😬 good review !

  10. Wish you prefer, T120 truimph, or BMW scramble R nine ?

  11. Is it suitable?for low riders I’m about 163cm😔

  12. holy shit, I had chainsaws that sounded better, wtf?

  13. Very nice review, just convinced me to buy one after my VW is paid off 😁👍

  14. I wanna have ago i best it pulls like a train

  15. I’m currently 5’6 and I’m not sure if I’m y’all enough to ride it xD

  16. Wondering which one to buy , Ducati 1100 scrambler or BMW r nine t. Which one do you think is better

  17. Great video! Thanks to your review I’m picking up my scrambler next month! Just wondering what are the gloves you are wearing? I’m after something exactly like those. Thanks in advance!

  18. What you preferred, this BMW or the T120 Truimph 2018?

  19. Great review! Your videos are much more informative than most!

  20. How tall are you in American?

  21. What camera do u have on the handlebars pls? What are the specs pls? How do u make it turn? Tks. Very good video 🙂 tks

  22. Hi JF, great review! I prefer the 'Classic' R9T, but really like the stripped back look of the scrambler. Can I ask what handlebar cam you had on there? It seems it has 360degree capability and a gimbal? Anyway, nice review, thanks!!

  23. Hello. I have almost your height (190cm) and I know that sometimes it is difficult to find a motorbike in which I feel comfortable and well. I like the Triumph street scrambler and the kind of bikes more retro / classic style. I'm afraid thar it's too small for me (seat height 790mm), I know you're already ride it, and how about feeling and comfort?
    congratulations for channel

  24. I can't get into these more stripped down versions of the R nineT. This Scrambler, the Pure and even the Racer seem to be missing something vs. the original…For me its the front end and over capable brakes, the original R nineT just looks like a tough, brute and its a totally rouckus ride, with the best stock sound of any motorcycle now available…I love it 🙂

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