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Davichi & T-ara(다비치&티아라) _ We were in love(우리 사랑했잖아) MV

Davichi & T-ara(다비치&티아라) _ We were in love(우리 사랑했잖아) MV

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Davichi and T-ARA have released their duet song “We were in love”. It is included in the 23-minute long “Lovey-Dovey” music video, prior to the release of the [Lovey-Dovey] album, adding to the tragedy of the death of Jiyeon and Cha Seung-Won in the story. A sad melody with the violin and piano as its main theme, “We were in love” was written by composer Cho Young-Soo and the lyricist K-Smith.

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ダビチ&ティアラ(Davichi & T-ara) _ ウリ・サランヘッザナ(私たち愛したじゃない/We were in love)
ダビチとティアラが一緒にデュエット曲「私たちの愛したじゃない」を発表した。アルバム [Lovey- Dovey(ラビダビ)]の発表前、電撃公開される「私たち愛したじゃない」は、公開予定の23分ほどの”Lovey-Dovey(ラビダビ)」のミュージックビデオに挿入され、ストーリーの中ジヨンとチャ・スンウォンの死の場面で流れ出て切なさを一層増してくれる。 「私たちの愛したじゃない」は、バイオリンとピアノをメインテーマにした悲しいメロディーの曲で、作曲家チョ・ヨンスと作詞家K-Smithが参加した。

다비치와 티아라가 함께 듀엣 곡 “우리 사랑했잖아”를 발표했다. [Lovey-Dovey (러비더비)] 앨범 발표 전, 깜짝 공개되는 “우리 사랑했잖아”는 공개 예정인 23분짜리 “Lovey-Dovey (러비더비)” 뮤직비디오에 삽입되어, 극 중 지연과 차승원의 죽음 앞에 흘러나와 애절함을 한층 더해준다고. “우리 사랑했잖아”는 바이올린과 피아노를 메인 테마로 한 슬픈 멜로디의 곡으로, 작곡가 조영수와 작사가 K-Smith가 참여했다.

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  7. If anyone want to listen to 2 other English version, 2 Vietnamese version and 1 French version:

    later translated versions:
    We Were in Love (T-ara & Davichi – Once before we were in love)

    We Were in Love (T-ara & Davichi – Giọt nước mắt thẫm ướt trên môi)

    We Were in Love (T-ara & Davichi – We used to love each other)

    We Were in Love (T-ara & Davichi – Thửa xưa ấy thiết tha hai ta)

    We Were in Love (T-ara & Davichi – Nos solíamos amar, ya no me hagas llorar)

  8. Underrated Kpop song, but great song

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  13. Bài này rõ ràng là bà hát đầu tiên của Davichi là quan trọng nhất mà ai cũng chủ yếu chỉ khen T-ara nhỉ :)))

  14. why tf i just figure out that davichi were singing with tara lol<3 love this song alot

  15. Girl kpop groups in the past were the best. Now I don't think there are girl groups as talented as them.

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  18. Hwayoung rap hay quá <3 Mãi yêu chị

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