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Decorating Caps with Siser®

Decorating caps is hard. Especially when you don’t know the way to apply them. That’s why we have the Siser® Cap Press to make life little easier. In this video Joe goes over multiple way’s to use our Siser® Cap Press, and decorating caps.

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  1. How do you stop the hat from creasing when your pressing on a snapback hat

  2. Horrible hats. That press makes so many crises lol

  3. how do you avoid scorch marks?

  4. Awesome!!! I need to find a better heat press for clothing. Where can I find the t shirt heat press machine in your video?

  5. Striflock is a cold peel???

  6. Need to address the marks and seams the press is putting in the hats. No customer would accept that.

  7. I have that same press but have a problem it keeps pinching the middle of the cap in word leaving a real ugly cress no matter how far I set pressure any suggestions

  8. Where is the best place to buy hats wholesale?

  9. Doing caps , this video helps, thanks bro, check'em out,

  10. Had my 8 in 1 machine for almost a year now. Haven’t done a hat to scared to. You make it look so easy. Now to find a design. Thank you

  11. What size platen are you using to demo?

  12. cool je suis ou liberville ton numoro de wathssp

  13. Very helpful 💯

  14. U 💣 af no cap 💯

  15. I just got the same press and using the same hats but what ever press I use I keep getting this ugly cress down the middle of the cap

  16. Hi, may I ask. How long do you think the vinyl last on the cap?

  17. I never even used my machine yet. Just watching this video I can't wait to do my first cap. Peace and love family…

  18. When should you change the cap press platen, on what type of hat and size and how would I know to switch it? By the way very nice video so now I can take mines out the box, which I had for 2 months and scared to use it smh

  19. What brand of hats are those? Where you get them from

  20. What kind of sisser did you use?

  21. So are these hats cotton?  I found out that hats that are polyester blend the siser HTV doesn't stick.

  22. the Back print (think pink) is off centered😂😂😂 you ruined that!
    I always looked at Siser as professionals but I'm second guessing.

  23. I am just new on the game but this really helpfully information thanks

  24. Hi I love Siser vinyls Hard to come by. Are there any authorised siser distributtor for the UK or Europe

  25. What material are the hats? Does that matter? Thanks

  26. Hi, bro could you tell me What kind of press do you use and where to buy it?

  27. A hat press is my next purchase. I will be coming back to this video for sure!

  28. So you know how sometimes when using a cap press you get that weird “ledge” at the top of where the platens meet (top edge from pressing)? Any suggestions to help reduce the press marks on hats?

  29. Once again you nailed it with the info.

  30. Hi Joe keep the videos rolling. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions at iss.

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