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Fantasy Scenery Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial – Photoshop cc 2018

Hi, viewer welcome back to another tutorial.

Fantasy Scenery Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial – Photoshop cc 2018

In this tutorial I will show you how to make a simple photo manipulation concept by using basic techniques in photoshop cc 2017.

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  1. Bro can you give me the image link that u used in this video

  2. looks like a great video to learn; and, the stocks were listed separately for easy access…thank you.

  3. Wow ! You are a Photoshop Master ! This is wonderful.
    I'm just a beginner but I can see and appreciate your expertise (which, I know, comes from many, many hours of working with the medium.)

  4. Can't download stock photos. Please help..

  5. It is amazing. Thanks a lot

  6. Shadow of the girl is at an odd angle. The light source wouldn't produce this. Also the light on her face should be on the opposite side given the angle of the shadow.

  7. Thanks you

  8. But if a woman's shadow was tilted to the left, it would have been more realistic.

  9. i enjoy the music

  10. 光影错误。

  11. Excelente!!!.

  12. Nice Editing jii.. 👌

  13. nice work ! Bro.

  14. Boss Thanks

  15. Forest isn't actually stock Champ.

  16. Can't stand a tutorial with no words. That's just lazy.

  17. Background music so disturbing and it is not suitable for this video. please change the music.

  18. You have shadows from trees and women fall in different directions

  19. I Like Fantasy Scenery Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial @Ps Boss, Pleas Subscribe and Like My Chenel …

  20. Where did you get the music from?

  21. I got another question for ya. What background would you say is best to shoot on for cutting a person out for a composite? White? Black?

  22. merci pour ce tuto

  23. can you give psd file please

  24. At 3:07 what do you do to make the background copy mask disappear?

  25. Where do you get your elements to make your pictures?

  26. I clicked on the 'Forest' image, but I don't see anywhere that we have permission to use it for this. Could you clarify this please? Thanks

  27. great work

  28. Thank you, wonderful work! Would love to know the name of the music too.

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