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Fix "Service Host Local Service Network Restricted" High CPU Usage

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Some Windows users are complaining that their CPU usage is high, without any particular reason. The problem could be caused by a window service that is designed to make the PC run faster. Sometimes it happens just the opposite, so in this video we’ll show you how to fix it.

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  1. For me it's 'services and controller app'

  2. I have a problem, I have a a lottttt of different service hosts in my task manager.
    and when I go into "Services" Superfetch isn't even there. I don't have one
    Service Host in task manager, I have like 20 or something.

  3. its work i have 25% cpu usage when im playing rules of survival

  4. Didnt work man

  5. For me it is like a ton of service host apps open taling 100-200 mbps each, i have 14gb of ram and it is using a total of 12gb

  6. Still works 2020 thank you

  7. Can someone explain how this comes about? I have never had this issue in 5 years of owning my laptop it was fine for 8 hours yesterday, I turn it on today and it's running like shit because of this issue. How? Nothing has changed, its actually ridiculous

  8. not working

  9. Ba tu ești tutoriale gratuite =))

  10. I was nervous to follow one of these videos but this one actually worked. Thank you

  11. my 2700x is running at 100 percent in task manager but in cpu z and other 3rd party software it shows to be running at 1 percent someone pls help meeee

  12. For me tho, thats not the one in question. Its " Service Host: Network Service" that takes up alot of my cpu

  13. i have something called Services and controller app and i cant close it and the tutorial dindt work for me

  14. also make sure to turn off automatic startup for it

  15. Hi, my pc goes up to almost 70% on memory (I have 16gb of ram)
    There's a massive list of services in task manager. They all take up about 150mb. Someone help please.

    ps: my pc starts at 15% then gradually grows to about 60% – 70%

    I fixed it. Didnt like how I had to fix it though. I did a reset with 'keep my files', which did the trick.

  16. العرب الي يبحثوون عن الكلمة الي ب فديو ومو محصلينها ب جهاز الشركة غيرت الاسم وصار اسمSysmain بفقط ابحث عن هادي الكلمة وقم بتعطيلها وسوف ينجح الامر
    No joke it actually worked xD

    tankx man
    اللعنة كانت تسبب بتشنيج الجهاز اثنا لعب بوبجي موبايل ولقد حليتها شكرا شكراا

  17. Loved it. Worked well for me.

  18. No joke it actually worked xD

  19. Hi, when ever i open programs its open programs x4 and goes into high cpu and gpu usage

  20. It didnt work for me. My cpu is still at 98% usage. Is there another way to decrease cpu usage

  21. Thanks bro… it’s worked

  22. To everyone who cannot find "Superfetch" in their computer or laptop… is because microsoft change the name "Superfetch" to "Sysmain"… just disable the Sysmain in services dude… even the description is the same… the only difference is the name… you should be good! Your welcome =)

  23. Thank you.
    I solved !

  24. If anyone has this problem and this didnt work for them, try to deactivate the sub services, for example my local host bullshit ate up 50% of my cpu and i couldnt shut it down cuz my pc would also stopped working, so instead i just opened it up and deactivated the windows updater, windows updater is located on the same list superfetch is so it souldnt be a problem to find it.

  25. I did everything but it didn't work. I deleted IObit Uninstaller after that error fixed.

  26. I just have a bunch of svchost but no superfetch is it a virus?

  27. thanks it work
    but u can stop it from task manger with right click and dont need to restart

  28. Thank you dude 🙂

  29. 2 minute long video and goes straight to the point. THANK YOU

  30. wow…that didnt work at all

  31. I hate Avira because this Avira Service Host framework is making my laptop to heat up and shut down! I uninstalled the Avira but this still runs. It does not allow me to disable it in Services and it says access denied even though I am the admin. How the heck this Avira Service Host garbage can be removed or disabled permanently?

  32. "System" using high cpu, need help

  33. It doesn't work for me

  34. wow thank you bro

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