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Hong Jong Hyun ❤️Jeon So Min..? It makes me cringe!!!! [Running Man Ep 436]

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  1. The other hosts always tease her and say she can’t compare to the other guests but she’s really cute and so is her personality. I wouldn’t be surprised if any of the guests or hosts liked her since she’s kind of a younger sister/best friend kind of girl

  2. Eps?

  3. Somin she can do anything she's so good acrostic poem indeed she now became peotry writer no wonder she got hate so much from crazy toxic fans because I can tell JEALOUSY. When you got haters that means you are more good more than who hates you.

  4. Somin's smile is so cute.

  5. Full episode 436 include the subtitle

  6. why jaesuk looks different hahaha

  7. 1:41 Se Chan's cringing lmao hahahaha 😂❤️

  8. Seungri ruined the mood

  9. kwangsoo is hilariousss hahahaha

  10. I wonder what would Somin co-star said watching her personality on variety show Hahahah !!

  11. i watch this to many times already

  12. Boi out here lookin like Spock

  13. Good job somin looked at the moment she knew Jonghyun was embressed by the other she catch the moment so jonghyun problem solved.somin 💞💞💞

  14. The show is destroyed

  15. name of the song pls ?

  16. I like this so min so lovely. Hong hong hong😃😃😃😍😍😍

  17. It's seung ri?

  18. Jeez seeing seungri face in the end just kinda ruined the moment

  19. LMFAO the way seungri was just like “what am I supposed to do “

  20. Hong hong hong hong lmaoo

  21. Love soo min hair style she look so cute.

  22. I seriously wanna see Jeon somin and Jin(BTS) flirting with each other😅😅😅 waiting 🤞🤞

  23. still my fave episode 😂🙈💕

  24. Seeing Seungri in this video really is uncomfortable

  25. I just caaaaaan't with Seungri's face, I know it's tiring for idols going to variety shows when they don't want to but Idk he definitely looks so annoyed ahhhh

  26. Jong hyun is such a nice guy. Whoever have courage to court my baby somin. I'll be happy for them both ❤ sominie FIGHTINGGGG

  27. My two favorite people in one show ❤

  28. Not sure they were reacting like that because of cringing or Somin's cuteness. Last time they're reacting the same way when Nayeon of Twice do the cute poem to Kwang Soo.

  29. Uij

  30. Asian spock set phasers to stun.

  31. i wanted to watch this ep after watching this clip but danggit he's in it so i guess ill have to skip

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