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How to Blur Backgrounds in Photoshop

In today’s Photoshop tutorial, I will share some great ways on how to blur the background on an image. I will also show you how add some color tones, add noise to the image so it looks natural. Hope you enjoyed! Smash that like button, if you enjoyed this tutorial.


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  1. I cant Klick on fill, please help me

  2. thank you very much G

  3. And how to download it

  4. Can u plz tell me which photoshop version is this

  5. Which photoshop are you using please tell

  6. thanks man. it helps me allot loved it . 🙂

  7. good video, the music is cringy though

  8. Please give me Link of Photoshop

  9. this is my first time doing some editing and it looks so nice xD!

  10. Can you pls tell me which version of photoshop you are using … Pls rply

  11. Fuckin life saver m8

  12. nice drear friend, this was very educational

  13. Great Stuff Bro! This is amazing! Keep it up!👍

  14. PS slow motion bnao n

  15. you have been of great help. my first photoshop tutorial which actually worked for me perfectly. Thanks a bunch

  16. made a profile photo by this video, thanks

  17. I tried it but in the end it doesn’t blur !! At all! Like it gives me the effect for one second and then it’s gone, that’s it!
    Help me please.

  18. Thanks

  19. great work

  20. I use this all the time for my youtube thumbnails! Love it!! thanks for your great video!

  21. noiceee

  22. Superb Tutorial All over the YouTube.>!!

  23. I watched & tried several different techniques by others, but yours by far helped me achieved the best results! Subscribed & thanks so much!!!

  24. Best tutorial thanks a lot. Some background blur can really make a regular image more professional 🙂

  25. u deserve 1M subs boi
    EDIT: Help me, instead of showing Select and Mask… it shows Refine Edge. Please help me!

  26. Bro what version ps you are using?

  27. I was so worried about taking a DIY headshot… This HELPED TREMENDOUSLY! Thanks!!!!

  28. Bhai bol kar bataya kar

  29. what if I don't have the option "Select and Mask" ?

  30. Very nice tutorial…thank you.

  31. i do not have refined edge tool cc2015

  32. Very cool

  33. Great tutorial, thank you =D

    1:00 refine edge brush tool> draw on hair
    1:38 brush tool> size=6,blend=soft light> "alt"+click on man vector mask> color=white: draw around hair (to reveal it better)
    1:55 color=black: draw around hair (mask out any area that are still left behind)
    1:58 "alt"+click on man vector mask> eye on bg layer
    2:19 "ctrl"+click on man vector mask (get the selection)> select, modify, expand> expand by=5px> hit "OK"
    > select bg layer> "shift+F5": content aware filling (cover out the man)
    3:00 filter, blur gallery, tilt shift
    3:04 add more to the progress bar, move down the "center" guide line to the road (to be continued here…)
    > original blur=18px (lower than 20px will look more realistic)> hit "OK"
    3:45 brush tool> draw black to fix the wrong edges of man vector mask
    5:05 "shift+ctrl+alt+E": merge all visible layers into 1 layer, rename="merged"
    5:16 filter, lens correction> vignette amount=-40> hit "OK"
    5:31 note: (want to add noise to make the result more realistic)
    5:34 hold "alt"+create a new layer icon (new layer window will show up)> rename="noise", mode="soft light", [V] fill with soft-ligh-neutral color (50% gray)> hit "OK"
    5:55 select noise layer> filter, noise, add noise> amount=around 5%, distribution=Gaussian, [V] Monochromatic> hit "OK"> right click, hit "convert to smart object"
    6:14 filter, blur, Gaussian blur> radius=1.5px> hit "OK" (once you take a closer look, the image itself looks more natural)

  34. I like the tutorial because of the clear steps, but it didnt work for me.

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