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How To Delete A Facebook Group 2020

How To Delete A Facebook Group 2020. Are you looking to delete old groups but can’t see the option to delete it. Here is the hidden way that you can delete those groups gathering dust.

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  1. How To Delete A Facebook Group 2020

  2. I see you

  3. I didn't get that option. It's only giving me the option to remove myself from the group

  4. Are members notified when you remove them from the group?

  5. I removed 12 of my members using this technique, but the other 10 it's not working. I click on remove, the page kind of flashes and nothing happens. I've rebooted my computer and it's still happening. Any suggestions?

  6. Brilliant! Thank you very much – easy to follow simple steps – perfect 🙂

  7. By helping me see what I should be seeing you unlocked my problem. Thank you!

  8. Thank u! Very helpful ❤️

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