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How To Download GTA San Andreas For FREE on PC! (2020/2021)

This video is a tutorial on how to download gta san andreas on pc! Grand Theft Auto San Andreas was released back in 2004 and is considered a classic within the GTA series. This video will teach you how to get gta san andreas for free pc! This game is great for all GTA fans, so learn how to download grand theft auto san andreas full game today!

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  1. X 96 mini plis

  2. is it original?

  3. s c a m

  4. what if it goes to trayfield

  5. wat dafuq does 'It is not found any file specified for ISArcExtract'
    it prevents me from installing the fucking game

  6. i am not able to give cheat KANGROO and some time it have mouse problem how to fix it plzz help in this version of gta san andrese

  7. Thx you for download this game

  8. actually works ngl
    as he said NO VIRUSES
    there is no malware alert
    thank god

  9. this is pirate dont pirate

  10. shit wifi be like: ah shit here we go again

  11. 12 hours left XD

  12. Lmao I Feel Sorry For The Slow WiFi People Mines 5G Internet or 1GB Per Secs XD

  13. i go the ling and now i have virus bro fuck yeah

  14. anyone having a brightness problem? game graphics looks dark.

  15. Thank you! It has worked for me 🙂

  16. It works for me im surprised and verryy happy this game was my childhood

  17. one of the best youtubers

  18. You never come back i miss you😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  19. Thanks 💜

  20. nah thats not working

  21. for some reason I cant control it with my mouse (my mouse IS working )

  22. great i downloaded within half an hour

  23. Does this still work? Also what version is it?

  24. Direct x 100% and failed. Help?

  25. The download tried to give me a virus

  26. Is this going to samp?

  27. Hey, great video
    I only have one problem
    mine says cannot find 800×600×32 video mode

  28. is it gta san v1.0? or V2

  29. Helppp how to fix the mouse its not working but the game is working HELLPPP :((((

  30. dude thanks took me 10min to download

  31. Bro need help please I already download the game and install it and when I click the game it said Grand theft auto SA requires at least DirectX version 9.0 what should I do???

  32. helo


  34. I thought it was a virus but it isn't

  35. Poor bingbar nobody likes him😢

  36. It gave me a virus on my pc, how do i remove it?

  37. virus i got one of the overall best antivirus and gta sa does not install as a exe file, get bitdeffender

  38. fifa 14 ,15 0r 16

  39. is it complete with sounds

  40. omg its viros i have 100Viros

  41. i love man gg

  42. This is lagging? all mr dj i download is laggy bro how to fix? and my mouse when my mouse up in game my mouse is down when i down a mouse my mouse is uping how to fix mouse then?

  43. Thanks it works

  44. bien se

  45. completed all missions in mobile gta san andreas, now the pc version is next

  46. bad… not working properly and to get the download you have to pass 10 min. of shitty ads and viruses

  47. Does this have all missions, audio and radio music? Example: cutscene voices pls reply..

  48. oh no last comment 1 YEAR AGO!?

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