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How to edit Video in Photoshop CC and CS6 | The Basics, Photoshop Tutorial

The basics of editing video in Photoshop that was shot on a GoPro Hero 3 on a DJI Phantom drone. Also learn how to make video Black and White as well as different color effects. Get full 3 hours of training on Photoshop and Video here this shown the full editing workflow as well as creating animated slideshows

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  1. Thank you so much

  2. ck gaming

  3. I have photoshop 2020 on my main computer and cs6 on my second one. Vids open fine in 2020, but my version of CS6 does not open videos like shown here, there is no support for video at all that i can find in it..

  4. whenever i do content aware in my video clip and render it,it renders only image instead video.Please is any tutorial to fix that
    problem.Thank u:)(photoshop 2020)

  5. Thank you so much this video has been a great help!

  6. My photoshop said dynamic link is not available whenever I try to add a video. Does anyone know what that means?

  7. dayummm. thank you boo 🙂

  8. The basic & free video editor app+many options to use but people almost forget it and only use when they need to edit some photo , they just forget that Adobe Photoshop can edit video too.that's so sad

  9. so good and easy

  10. not working for me

  11. Can I use this to make a dvd for a home movie?

  12. Nice 👍
    One more things that
    How to include the text on vedios

  13. I love this tutorial its has clear explanation, easy to understand and i could easily learn it. Is it only works in photoshop CC and CS6? Thanks in advance…

  14. sound is too low

  15. Thank you, very informative?

  16. Thank you so much buddy! 😊 It was a great informative video I’ve seen so far! Now I could start editing my own videos.

  17. Bro .. how to download video editing in this software Photoshop cc plzzz rply me bro….

  18. Thanks so much! I’ve been asked to shoot some video and I wasn’t to sure how to put together the edit having no video software, I look forward to giving this a try! Cheers 👍🏻

  19. Awesome thanks so much from an editing novice.

  20. this sounds like a slightly Scandinavian mark ruffallo

  21. For me it takes ages to load the video and sometimes the audio plays and the video doesn’t pls help

  22. What should I do when the Photoshop doesn`t recognize the file?

  23. i can not open video photoshop says is not the right format

  24. hftyyyh

  25. Tnk u

  26. i need a link to download this version of photoshop

  27. phenomenal tutorial….your pace and explanation is so well done, easy to follow…..thanks for taking the time to do this.

  28. OMG!!! Thank yooooooou

  29. in photoshop cs6 import or add video to time no show, how to show icon for import/add the video sir?

  30. …or download premiera,vegas or ae

  31. Thanks a lot for making this video. I am looking for how to create one.from photoshop (other than animated).

  32. Hi my photoshop doesn’t start already in there

  33. nice

  34. that flex with the go pro and dji thing lmao

  35. thank you very MUCHT

  36. Wait am I just dumb or is it called PHOTO Shop?

    Edit: I just got Photoshop so I basically know nothing about it.

  37. This video was helpful. Even though I might seem young because I'm 9 I still dream of knowing how to do this. Thank you this might help me.

  38. Really helpful.

  39. hai

  40. Hi Colin, please consider showing how to rotate a video in Photoshop CC where a camera has filmed one accidentally in portrait view. I have searched unsuccessfully for one online. Given the options available at the time of this useful tuition, surely by 2019 version, turning may be possible but how to do so. I hope you can help, please. Regards, Jan

  41. It's work on 2018?

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