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How to Fix – Photoshop CC 2020 crashes when creating a new file

Hey guys , in this video i will show how to fix when photoshop crashes .
As i said in my previous video , my photoshop stopped working after the new windows update . That’s why it took me so long to upload the next video .
I mean , i didn’t want to make my thumbnails on paint .

So anyway , this worked for me perfectly . If you any of you has any doubt
ask me in the comments .

And if it worked comment down below to say it worked , give a like
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  1. thanks a lot


  3. Fuck its not working

  4. Mine just shuts down at intervals even after trying your method and it is also slow.kinda hangs . What do I do ?

  5. I did everything from uninstall the program several times to try coding things, I was ready to give up and then I found your video, thaaaaank you so much!

  6. Thanks you so much brother❤.

  7. my illustrator 2020 also meet the same problem! is it same to use this solution?

  8. "An integer Between 96 and 8 is required. Closet Value inserted. " please help. I can't deselect that "use graphics Processor"

  9. This is not a generic solution , want to get the root cause of the problem , cannot disable graphics for most of the apps , I think it might be windows update not working on older BIOS , Update the BIOS and let me know if this is resolved

  10. i have only one

  11. Thank you so much!

  12. Thank you, very helpful

  13. It really works!! 👏🏻👏🏻

  14. I my system there is no AMD option !!Only graphics

  15. It worked, thank you very much <3

  16. After enable the graphic ,I am getting crash report.
    After disable it's working actually

  17. Thank you. It worked.

  18. It worked thank you so much……

  19. It works 💕

  20. My next tutorial Video
    How to download IDM for free with proof

  21. não falo inglês e sua logo ficou na frente da ação que vc executa, ai não consegui intender

  22. Windows 7??

  23. I dont have AMD Adaptor pls help!!

  24. Hoax no work for me

  25. still not work on me

  26. i try to follow steps but its already disable the graphic processor

  27. My machine has only Intel HD Graphics 620. How do i fix this?

  28. it worked . thank you. God bless you

  29. Thankyou so so much

  30. Youuu are awesome..!!! You really helped me through this man😍🔥long way to go bud..!!!

  31. It worked, very helpful.

  32. Your backgroud music is too loud, itz your voice we want to hear plz

  33. Actually I have problem with Lightroom 2019 and I used this method. Now it's fixed. Thank you very much.

  34. U bought me alive bro!!!

  35. Hi please help, my display adapters are Microsoft basic display adapter and nvidia GeForce adapter, which one I should disable. TQVM.

  36. It worked.. Thanks 👌👌

  37. Really awesome dude 😘

  38. Thank you

  39. i tried this im still crashing !

  40. Thank you soo much! 😀

  41. thank you

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