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How To Hide Your Birthday on Facebook

Easy to follow tutorial on how you can hide your birthday from other people on Facebook! this will stop them from being able to see your birthday on your Facebook profile as well as getting notifications about your birthday!

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– Start by opening facebook and then heading over to the menu option at the top right. Then scroll all the way down to settings and privacy, expand that and then tap on settings .

– In the settings menu scroll down and tap on privacy settings.

– Once you are in the privacy settings tap on ‘manage your profile’ .

– At the basic info section tap on ‘edit’.

– Next to where it says your date of birth tap on the button which is an image of 3 people. From the drop down list tap on more options, and then you can tap on ‘only me’ . this will prevent anyone from knowing your birthday.

– You can also repeat the same thing for the year of birth if you want to.


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  1. I don't celebrate my birthday so don't want anyone to wish me bday makes me sad😞

  2. I am here not to test if my friends know my birthday. I am here simply because I don't like birthday greetings.

  3. Like if it doesn't work for you

  4. I’m here cause if my parents see all my shit I’m fucjed 👉👈

  5. Im to lazy to thank all people who will greet me

  6. It sure would be nice if the screens shown here actually matched what I see on Facebook in May 2020, and if you got to the point with these videos instead of wasting 45 minutes of time when I'm on a Personal Hotspot.

  7. I’m here because I wanna know who are those people who really knows my bday 👉🏼👈🏼

  8. Thanks foxy

  9. 🎊🎉🎈

  10. 🎉🎂🎈

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