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How to remove a blank page ? – Ms Word (all version) || 3 Shortcut way to delete

Shortcut Key to Delete Pages In MS Word (Delete Entire Page & unwanted blank page)

How to Delete page in word –

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In this video today we will see three ways to delete a blank page or unwanted page in Microsoft Word.

If you want to delete a page then
1.double click on the top of the page so that the cursor will be at the top.
Then press the backspace key to delete the page.

Now the other way is
2.Select the page which you want to delete.
Then Press “ Ctrl+g ” and type “ page ”.After that hit enter and close it,then press delete.The page will be deleted.

3.The other way is to click on this icon “show/hide P”.
Select “page break”.
Then press “Delete” button.
The page will be deleted.


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  22. Thank you! But this does not work if you are using an existing TEMPLATE in MS word. Would you happen to have the solution for that!? I'm desperate. Thanks.

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  32. This did NOT work for me. cntrl+shft+8 is basically the shortcut key for HOME then, click SYMBOL to show formatting on the right. Backspace didn't work. I am working on one of the MS word resume template. I managed to clear the 2nd page by someone in youtube who said to go to FORMAT then highlight the page break and change font to 01. That did the trick.

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