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How To Turn OFF Comments on Facebook Profile Picture

In this video, I show you How To Turn OFF Comments on Facebook Profile Picture. Follow a step by step video showing EXACTLY what to do.
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If your one of the thousands of people who are trying to turn OFF comments on your Facebook profile picture, you a probably frustrated and finding out how hard this actually is.

Well, the truth is, Facebook doesn’t actually have this feature. I have no idea why, it’s stupid on their part. However… here’s how you can get around this issue and turn of comments on tFacebook profile picture.

This is currently the best workaround.


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  1. then what about comment

  2. Why their is no option for public post 😒

  3. Hi dud
    How can we do the same for cover photo?

  4. I dont understand..where i get this facebook page

  5. nah….

  6. I disagree with what he says. Because I have seen Facebook post where it says the comments have been disabled so somehow there is a way of doing it.

  7. I recommend Deanhack70 on IG he got back my acct in few minutes he's a pro

  8. I recommend Deanhack70 on IG he got back my acct in few minutes he's a pro

  9. Best vid

  10. is it possible to turn off comment for every post

  11. I bought likes ♥️ on to have my posts look more popular: I really like the way they boosted my page's popularity. I had new followers and comments after that, so I am happy I did that. 🔥

  12. Stupid

  13. Thank you. Is there a way to stop the public seeing comments on your cover photo that friends have made?

  14. how do i stop people seeing friends comments on my pictures, can't find a solution to this on facebook

  15. I really wish comments for all photos could be disabled or managed…thanks for sharing this video.

  16. lantii gandu yavakur

  17. Thanks man 👍

  18. cheers dude !

  19. I want to show my bio but I don't want to give permission to the people to comment or like what is the procedure can you plzzz tell meee

  20. Good

  21. So After i select ONLY ME… The profile pic will be just visible to me?? No one else?? So,, If someone visits my profile… They would see Empty profile pic?? or only the pic but.. Commenting and sharing will be disabled?

  22. Setting > ..
    Public post option is not available now plz help how i turn off comments on my fb

  23. This has been the most helpful video out of the other 15 I’ve had to watch. I thought there would be a setting to disable ALL people from commenting but I guess not.

  24. THANKS
    Small Youtuber SUB🤗 TO SUB🤗

  25. I just dont understand, because I've come across countless profiles where NOBODY can comment on the pic. They can only react to the photo. So I'm pretty confused. Facebook has alot of weird settings now that really effect different peoples profile setups and abilities.

  26. I want to show my dp to everyone but don't wanna allow anyone to comment on it, what's the procedure????

  27. Public post is not available in new update please say any another idea

  28. Perfect thanks

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