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HTC First review

Dieter Bohn takes a look at the HTC First, the first Android phone preloaded with Facebook Home integration. Be sure to check out our full review: More from The Verge:


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  1. Rest in Peace HTC First… you just last 40 days?!?😢🤣😂🤣
    No Update for you Sir!👎

  2. I remember this phone.

  3. Came here MrWhosetheboss

  4. Watching in 2019

  5. Watching on iPhone 29s

  6. I'm watching on HTC first lol

  7. I have this phone and I like it a lot

  8. Also thats not what mine looks like. This one in the video is thicker

  9. I hate the htc!
    The screen is so touchy and thin
    Breaks super easy I believe. Inless you have a super good case. I do love the phone style but not the phone its self.
    It's a bit slow and the battery dies super duper fast.

  10. Sturdiest device ever built

  11. Verge gives extremely honest reviews. More than I can say for most channels.

  12. This is the phone I have and its amazing. Tough screen, good battery. On mine I dropped it on a rock and the screen cracked a little but that was my fault. I turned off my Facebook home and its just the best phone I've had

  13. Best 4.3in phone.

  14. just got it now and i think its pretty well.

  15. lol

  16. It's discontinued but you can still find it on ebay and amazon for $160 unlocked lol. I bought one yesterday, I'll be turning off that FB crap and wala 🙂 stock.

  17. 田馥甄

  18. this one has been discontinued right?

  19. Hi.
    Can you tell me where is the "multitask touch" on the HTC First? I cannot find that.


  20. Smart choice choosing android as a first smartphone.

  21. Getting this phone next week! as much as i use FB, i dont want it using up all my data, so i would obviously turn it off or turn on the wifi option, but i would probably just turn it off. and getting it for less than a buck? I can't go wrong. This will be my first smart phone!

  22. you looked on eBay?

  23. People talk bad about this phone but I can find it for cheap anywhere

  24. Facebook screwed this otherwise nice phone over

  25. I got mine for 47$ and 25$ for a case

  26. ossummmm

  27. Good phone for a small price. To be honest I used to have a Vivid and I liked it better and that thing is old. Without beats audio I wasn't impressed with the First.

  28. very good phone for a mid rang cheap device but facebook messed it up , should of have htc sense 4+

  29. Obviously this phone was a flop if it drops 100 dollars in price. This phone sucks.

  30. I'm getting this then turning Facebook home off and for 0.99$ and android 4.1.2 and 4g LTE that's good for me

  31. now price $0.99! what?

  32. They already have chat heads with messenger

  33. Sony xperia SL

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