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HTC First Unboxing

HTC First Unboxing

The HTC First is, for all intents and purposes, a Facebook Phone, the best and most thorough admission into Mark Zuckerberg’s fancy new Android playground. It’s not about the hardware, which is great by the way, nor is it about the latest specs. For $99, First is designed to be an outright Facebook experience unlike any other through more thoughtful integration. MORE:

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  1. The only one who bought it

  2. i just came here because i saw that this phone has no visible earpiece

  3. 2013 and NO MULTITOUCH???

  4. hey 2017😂

  5. first!

  6. hello it's me I've been wondering if after all these years

  7. Far!Out! Hey how's it goinl? land scene ! !

  8. help pls I can't enable my mobile data … :p

  9. highkey its the first iPhone 5


  11. Can you set up the phone without Facebook. Because I don't have a account

  12. I still have this phone

  13. this phone is Facebook #os?


  15. First

  16. Who else got here from MKTH

  17. That phone looks awesome

  18. That phone failed hahahah

  19. If you loose you're Iphone 5c, this is a really good replacement phone

  20. I feel säd for John, you just dissed him man!!

  21. can you skip the facebook login in the beginning


  23. It was discontinued within 30 days so idk if this is good

  24. where can i buy the htc first is not on amazon not on ebay and it is above 99 dollars somebody place post me a link or technobuffalo please reply!!!!

  25. Id be tired of fb after awhile.

  26. Which is easily removable lol, if this wasn't branded as an fb phone it would've had way more success.

  27. Yeah… DAMN this hardware, for its price is awesome.

  28. Know looking back it wasn't a bad device? It just had a facebook skin -_-

  29. I bought one lmao, $160 is rather cheap for a phone with this specs xD. I got it rooted and sim unlocked in less than 5 minutes too.

  30. If you got this phone you're a dumbass

  31. Descontinued in 30 fail cx

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