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International Space Station – Episode 35 – STS 128 & HTV 1

In this episode Space Shuttle Discovery flies STS-128 to the station and the Japanese join Russia, the US and ESA in sending a vehicle, the HTV cargo ship, to the International Space Station.

Music: Breathing Planet – Doug Maxwell

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  1. สวัสดีครับ🙏 สุดยอด👍👍👍👍👍☕

  2. 😂😂😂 opet NASA gluposti 😂😂😂

  3. love your videos man, I would love to see you do some vids about probes and landers because no one is doing it. if you want to of course. also your editing and finding footage stills are amazing. keep it up dude!!

  4. 4:14 is that duct tape on the hatch? If so, why?

  5. I'll be so sad when this series ends,great content as usual,thanks

  6. yes

  7. I saw this flight, while at the cape. Another great video, and please do more background insights of new modules, like the coverage of the HTV. Can't wait to see my favorite shuttle mission episode — STS-129

  8. STS 128 and HTV 1 were important flights to the station STS 128 delivered the racks that would go inside the Kibo Module and the Destiny Lab plus new living quarters for the station. Going into Kibo were a CO2 scrubber and two ISS freezers along with the Oxygen Generation System the O2 Generator would stay in here until Tranquility arrived on STS 130 also coming up was a new treadmill named after Late Show host Stephen Colbert when Tranquility arrives it will also move into that module where it will be bolted to the floor. In Destiny a fluid physics rack and a window shutter were installed and the Material Science Facility was temporary installed in Destiny it will move to Kibo at a later date. Outside three spacewalks were done to remove old payloads from Columbus. The first spacewalk removed EUTEF and LWAPA MISSE 6 and returned them to the cargo bay to be flown home they will be replaced by Rapid Scat and HDEV which will arrive on Dragon. Also returning home is a spent ammonia tank and a new one was installed in two spacewalks. With STS 128 complete Tim Kopra went home and Nicole came up this would be the last time crew would be exchanged on the station all future flights would use the Soyuz until April 2020 when Crew Dragon would bring up American crews. With STS 128 undocked the stage was now set for HTV 1. On September 10, 2009 HTV 1 lifted off from Tangashima Space Center Launchpad 2 in the Japanese Empire and arrived two days later on the ISS with Nicole capturing the spacecraft and bring it into docking with the Harmony Module. This operation was the future for the ISS when the SpaceX Dragon and the Cygnus Spacecraft would arrive and dock at the station using this method. On board was the elbow joint to the small fine arm and Japanese Racks KOBAIRO, and the Muti Purpose Small Payload Rack 1 the American Life Science Glove box was also on board and would be filled with an aquarium known as the Aquatic Habitat Module on a later flight. In HTV's truck was HREP and SMILES which just completed their mission. HTV stayed at the station for a month and than it was loaded with trash and jettisoned into the Pacific Ocean where it burned up. On the Russian Segment two spacewalks were preformed to route cables and to install antennas and a Soyuz craft was moved and a progress freighter was disposed of. The stage was now set for Poisk to launch on a Soyuz and for STS 129 and the arrival of the Express Carriers as well as the first six person crew to arrive.

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