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Photoshop CS6 Extended: Review & New Features

This is the new photoshop CS6 EXTENDED!
In this video you will learn the new features
-Patch tool
-Content aware move tool its a great one i love it
-Auto save
-video editing
and much more
if you whant more new tools to show you, just say it in the comments
I will make a video on how to use all the new features so subscribe to see them

I know that its not the best video on youtube,
but i think i showed you some of the basics of
the new Ps.CS6 (extended)
I hope you like it! Like comment and subscribe
and tell me in comment if you whant me to make a tutorial
on how to use The 3D in CS6!
Thank you for your time.

Song Credit : John Dahlbäck – Embrace Me (Dirty South Remix)

Nguồn: https://palabrasquevuelan.com/

Xem thêm bài viết khác: https://palabrasquevuelan.com/cong-nghe/

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  1. thanks for the review

  2. What is download link

  3. Where do I get it? Link?

  4. Can you provide the link for download

  5. hey man. Normal cs6 or photoshop extended?

  6. прикольно

  7. Song Name??

  8. doesn't the patch tool already come with the regular cs6 version?

  9. Yeah !

  10. It`s fantastic!

  11. I downloaded CS6 for free: goo.glKme6Y your welcome.

  12. Thank you.
    i have made a video on how to make i like this go chack it on my channel and leave a commen and a like plz

  13. thats a rly cool desktop

  14. Hey man !
    i made that tutorial you waned.
    go wach it 😉 hope u like it !

  15. ok i just sead this gove or not give (no deference ) anyway i think i will make one tonight cozz its easy 😉

  16. Its not neccecary to give you 5 subs,cause i think many people want your style of backround so will get more than 5…trust me :))

  17. If you get me 5 subscribers i will make a tutorial on how to make it look like this 😉

  18. How you do this in your desktop? :OO

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