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Photoshop Tutorial | Transparent Blur Effect in Photoshop

In this photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to make transparent blur effect in photoshop cs6. Transparent blur effect most commonly popular in apple devices. In this photoshop tutorial, I will show you how to create transparent blur overlay effect in photoshop. Follow this easy transparent blur effect photoshop tutorial to apply on any photos in photoshop.

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  1. can't choose create clipping mask…it is disabled..what can i do?

  2. Thank You Very Much! It was very helpful !!!

  3. Thanks! you're a saviour

  4. Thank you so much!

  5. Android phone se kaise krgo aap batoge mujhe bulr krna

  6. Well done, thank you for this tutorial!

  7. ¡HELP!
    When i try to move the rectagle, the image above moves, not the rectangle :/

  8. ty for help

  9. 03:00

  10. Great tutorial! I've gotten to the point to where I've learned everything I can from this video, but I keep coming back for the song. So what song is this? Haha

  11. There are several suggestions about which functions of Photoshop to learn first

    The selection feature

    Removal of unwanted objects


    (I learned about these and more on Trevs photo blueprint site )

  12. VERY HELPFUL! 10/10


  13. Has anyone asked for the great song on the vid already?

  14. Very much appreciated.

  15. Could you provide a link to the font

  16. wtf company man music

  17. great…thanks for sharing..it helped me a lot


  19. What font did he used in the blur word?

  20. thanks dude 😉

  21. Good for labels 🙂

  22. damn too long process… this is why i edit my photos in After Effects xD

  23. thank u so much! this REALLY helped me for making one of my youtube thumbnails!!!

  24. Thank you so much! Really helped me 😀

  25. ksksks ios/android?

  26. this is the best tutorial i found in youtube, but can you tell me where to download that text you use please <3

  27. Works like a charm!

  28. The font is called "and then it ends", right?

  29. Hi. It draws me a trasparent rectangle and it wont allow me to move it. What did I do wrong?


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