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Professional Color Correction | Cinematic Color Grading Tutorial Photoshop | Photoshop CS6 Tutorial

This videos show you how to get photoshop colour correction easily.In this episode, we take a step back and explore what makes a great photo great, why good preparation will lead to better retouching results, we cover the basics of colour theory and how to set up a colour map and saturation map in Photoshop CC all within the context of learning colour grading.In this tutorial, you will learn photoshop colour grading, Color correction, Curves, Color balance and Background Blur and much more. So watch this full tutorial and please subscribe us for more.

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Cinematic Color Grading Tutorial Photoshop
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  1. 4.01 how to creat layer 1

  2. https://youtu.be/FmxC2ech_rM how to recover old damaged photos in photoshop

  3. Nice sir

  4. Tutorial in Rock Pro

  5. Thanks bro

  6. How did you create layer 1

  7. not open modify option

  8. Valo chelo..boss aro kicu chai❤

  9. disculpe donde puedo obtener esos efectos nik colletion onik Scoftware por favor

  10. At 4.00 how to open layer one?

  11. Hi sagor…….ye app computer per kaam karta hai kya

  12. thanks….

  13. A Qui Los Dejo UN Link Para DESCARGAR Adobe Photoshop CC 2020 Completo ACTIVADO GRATIS (Enlace sin publicidad) https://youtu.be/SWHWCnXaZww

  14. 4 minutes how can i make a layer

  15. Nice

  16. I saw the thumbnail and was thinking the before image was way better than the after image. Am I alone who thought so ?

  17. How to download photoshop

  18. this computer is not camera craw help me

  19. I can't fill

  20. At 8.03 its CONTROL + ALT + E
    and then to merge all visible layers it is SHIFT + ALT + E.

  21. Amazing Video Sagor Sarwar Thats A Good Work.,

  22. At 4:00 how did you make the layer one with the same contents , pls someone tell

  23. Ok

  24. 4:01 how did you make new layer?

  25. Hai Dear Nice Tutorial Thank You, and All Plugins For Photoshop CC Plz Link

  26. Camera raw filter kese install kare photoshop me aa nhi raha hai sir

  27. Sir filter kese download kare photoshop ps me

  28. Nice job done 👍

  29. best tech

  30. I don't know. The color was quite realistic on the original but not very realistic in the end.

  31. which verson of ps u use

  32. Hii bro i want to learn photo editing from photoshop cc you can teach me editing plzz replay

  33. Wow!!!Cool!Informative!Hello from Russia!!!)))))

  34. at the last of this tutorial … how you create level 1 layer after you finish editing on level 1

  35. 3:59 What keyboard shortcut ? please help me

  36. 4.04 camera raw filter cant find my menu list? my version also same this?

  37. 4.00 how to do that?

  38. Many options are missing in my PS cs6 editor

  39. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxFGRUQOGUIjLSAG-rzmXHQ?view_as=subscriber

  40. Check out my tutorials too….💜
    💙including quick photoshop episodes..

  41. 2:06 I can not fill , it show that couldnot fill cause that not enough opaque source pixel.
    can you help me pls !

  42. horrible tutorial video! how can you call this video Tutorial if you don't explain, don't let others know which keyboard shortcuts you use ? people watch this who want to get something new. who needs to watch the way how you do, if others can not get anything and can't practice by themself ? you'd better not name this kind of videos tutorial, if you want to show how you can or how fast you can work in Photoshop ! don't waste people's time!

  43. How to download A Photoshop CS6

  44. how to you copy layer 1 copy to layer 2

  45. i have grow my channel can u help me?


  47. Hlw bhai camera raw wala options nehinn he filter pe 😟

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