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Shawn Wasabi – HOTTO DOGU (live original stuff)

i’m planning a tour! let me know where you want me to play

Buy Hotto Dogu on iTunes:

For more live original Shawn Wasabi stuff:
Marble Soda:
Spicy Boyfriend:

made some sounds
FREE DOWNLOAD for the first 1000:

Original composition recorded live with a DJ TechTools Midi Fighter Spectra into Ableton Live 8. In my kitchen.
Bank changes are done via MIDI switches mapped out to note ons and note offs on specific buttons (in addition to the traditional side button switch). 15 total pages/banks.

Vocal samples are from Filthy Frank, Skrillex, Dillon Francis, Deadmau5, Satoru Iwata, Bryan Silva, Wave Racer, and the Japanese mochi pastry chefs at Nakatanido in Nara, Japan. SHOUTOUTS TO THEM


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  1. Holy sht i wanna make a beat like this

  2. It’s a piano but made out of elevator buttons.

  3. Funfact! Hot dog in Japanese is, indeed, Hottodoggu

  4. Did anyone peep the gratatatata

  5. LOL

  6. Shawn wheres all the new stuff???????

  7. 1:41 what the meme starts

  8. ngl he looks like he is casting a spell at 0:15 from 0:33

  9. I wonder if this is going to be next wave of recommendations from YT where this was popular few years ago.

  10. hote doge

  11. Hey wait just a second.

    This video is 4 minutes and 20 seconds.

    My lord..

  12. I love how after not listening to this for a few years it decided to appear in my reccomended just now.


  14. The best song

  15. cdoyfdjfdfflfddffefaeflauffakshadakhdh]

  16. Me: pokes an instrument and it sounds awful
    Shawn: 16 keys=an absolute masterpiece that is still one of the best songs i know.

  17. How do they change colours!!!!

  18. 1:49 what i came for

  19. 0:04 – 0:13 "..Di bilang enak, ya memang enak Di bilang asik, ya memang asik.."

  20. Nice song! But the thing is that are you even clicking them?If you look closely it DOES not even look like your clicking them :T

  21. Heh nice 4:20

  22. This is some sort of magic that I don’t understand

  23. Me: tries not to focus on the lights and his flying fingers.

    Also me: trying not to get a heart attack.

  24. Ты тоже искал(а) русские коменты?

  25. Ok YES QUEEN

  26. Needs a bass boost

  27. alt title: Shawn Wasabi – HOTTO DOGU (feat. joji)

  28. inspiried this my router name is Hottu Spottu

  29. this i the first time i watched to the very end and i have to say

    TF WHY!!!!!!!O-O

  30. Are we not gonna talk about the fact that the length of this video is 4:20

  31. What The Hell Was That Ending?

  32. So glad tiktok hasn’t found this gem

  33. これまじで何回聞いても笑うしかっこよすぎる

  34. Hot hot dog!

  35. Ok to be honest all the Shawn wasabi songs are meme songs because I came from a meme😅

  36. Does anyone else absolutely love the melody that starts at 1:55?

  37. Nobody

    My mind in a test: HOTTO DOGU !!!

  38. /sausage sandwich/


  40. Where can I get one of those and I love your skills

  41. Do it in 2X
    I dare you.

    Your ears wouldn't know to thank you or reprimand you.

  42. I live for this lol

  43. very nice that this vid is 4:20 mins long

  44. what’s the thing he uses called

  45. 0:13

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