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THAILAND Travel Guide: Bangkok | Little Grey Box

Travel well in Thailand with our awesome guide to Bangkok! In the past we’ve failed to connect with the city, feeling it was better suited to backpackers but this time we experienced the unexpected… from boutique hotels and fine dining experiences to community tours, we saw a different side of Bangkok and loved every moment. Here’s everything we got up to and, hopefully, some inspiration to help you plan your best adventure too.

Where we stayed:
➲ Shanghai Mansion Bangkok
➲ Millennium Hilton Bangkok

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  1. Sa wa sdee kaa…I'm from Bangkok! Your video is amazing. It's very informative and fun. Love your editing…I really enjoy watching your video. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. You look great, your dance is so beautiful, your presentation is so much fun

  3. Western women like 5 star everything when they travel…. 🔥😡

  4. Nice your language 👌

  5. Today is our First wedding anniversary. I made a video of our honeymoon a year back we spend in Thailand. I have captured our whole trip in 11 mintues you can see and plan yours. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGAFCaM7xga2jTPjAXM6yIQ

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  6. Hi there!My hometown is bangkok,thailand.And i moved to Orlando,Florida,USA in December 2015.Good video🙂

  7. fc form thailand i love you

  8. Are you blake lively???

  9. Sa Wad Dee Krub 💕 I’m from Bangkok Thailand 🇹🇭 I love your video so much 🥰 and I always Support you and your team! , Love ❤️

  10. Nice​ VDO
    Thank​s and welcome to Thailand.

  11. nice trip, i like it.. regards from Indonesia

  12. I am Thai people and live in Bangkok but I never go some place in this video so i knew it and more details than i ve ever heard before thanks

  13. Top video keep up the good work

  14. Have fun in Thailand.

  15. Thank you for your vdo ,you are so beautiful,kind,lovely ,love Thailand

  16. You are very excited in the video. But bet you don’t know hidden gems of BKK. I live in Bangkok and show you around https://youtu.be/im5u1-gXSt8

  17. NIce Video,

    Check my youtube channel, Bangkok Cinematic Video

  18. https://youtu.be/o6OoK3nNjj4
    Checkout my 6 week travel in Thailand

  19. I♥U

  20. ขอบคุณมากครับที่มาเที่ยวประเทศไทย

  21. Welcome to Thailand

  22. Do you find the language barrier a problem when travelling?

  23. What about the weather

  24. Yes, officially Krungthep population is around 7 – 8 million, but normally at several seasons the population grows up to 25 – 30 million, unbelievable,…..believe or believe! Anyway, Great informative Guide You L G B.

  25. Confucius say "Man who go through turnstile with hardon,going to Bang c**K!.;-)

  26. That sounds perfect 😍i really enjoyed watching ❤❤

  27. You don’t seems to feature authentic Thai food sold outside posh establishments? Those are the real flavors of Thailand.

  28. Hello all friends

  29. I met my Thai wife at the Jim Thompson House 20 years ago when I was traveling 6 months around Asia. She was working at Jim Thompson.

  30. Why am I just discovering you?!? Your videos are super!

  31. You're gorgeous !

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  33. Wow this is great I also make video about Thailand guys check it out

  34. ฉันรักประเทศของประเทศไทย แม้ว่าฉันจะประทับใจมากที่ได้เห็นภาพวิดีโอของคุณว่าฉันรักวัฒนธรรมของคนไทยในประเทศไทยดังนั้นฉันสมัครรับข้อมูลจากช่องของคุณในฐานะเพื่อนฉันหวังว่าคุณจะสมัครรับข้อมูลช่องของฉันในฐานะเพื่อนที่พึงประสงค์ขอบคุณศิลปิน Khoka บังคลาเทศ

  35. Hello i subscribed for You! Please subscribe mine too?

  36. She speaks so quickly …

  37. I love Thailand

  38. Enjoy your vdo , you are so awesome, thank so much.

  39. I recently got back from a trip to Bangkok (plus Singapore and Kuala Lumpur) and loved it even though I only saw a tiny fraction of it, I will definitely return.

  40. Hello, contact me if you want to share your video on our website for FREE

  41. This is BY FAR the most well-rounded representation of Bangkok from youtube travel videos. I really appreciate your effort!

  42. your voice great

  43. Thailand welcomes all countries around the world. Thai people are welcome. Every nationality and religion Friendly The King of Buddhism teaches us to live together without discrimination, love all countries. Respect and love everyone around the world. Welcome all the time Thailand power Construction of many projects Hope to get better From..Thailand, from the heart and in love with everyone

  44. Really wonderful video I like it And your style of explaining is great

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