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Turn off comments on facebook: How to turn off comments on facebook post: [New] 2020 Only me setting

Turn off comments on facebook: know how to turn off comments on facebook posts. follow the instructions given in the video and here is the summary:

First go to the Facebook ad click on the menu option
Now tap on the ” Settings & Privacy” after that click on the setting
In setting look for the “public posts” and make the “public post comments ” to friends only

If you want to turn off comments for a specific post on facebook follow these steps

Go to that photo and click on the edit
Edit the auidence and make that to only me so only you will be able to see that photo and know one is allowed to comment on that photo

so this is how you can turn off facebook comments or disable comments on facebook posts

Thank you for watching…….


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  1. Is this only for public posts? My time line is set for friends only but I would like to disable comments temporary for my whole timeline all posts. Is there a way to disable comments on our own pages that is set to friends only, not set to public posts?

  2. Friends should see the post but not comment. How to do that.

  3. How to know who visited our profile

  4. is there any way so that i can make my cover picture private?

  5. Nice video
    keep it up

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