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Ultimate Guide to All The New Features of Photoshop CC 2015.5

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PHOTOSHOP CC 2015.5 IS HERE! With each update of Photoshop we get a few new tweaks and updates. This article/video will cover all the important and useful updates in the latest and greatest version of our favorite photo editing application. This is THE Photoshop tutorial that will bring you up to speed in no time with all of the new and important features of Photoshop CC 2015.5

Check out the written article for a quick overview:

00:59 Face Aware Liquify
06:38 Select and Mask Workspace
13:46 Match Font
15:49 Content Aware Crop
18:42 Adobe Stock Photo Integration
21:32 Embedding Color Profile on Export
21:59 On-Canvas Glyph Alternatives
23:04 3D Manufacturing File (3MF) Format
23:50 Update to Artboards
25:30 Photoshop Speed Improvements
26:16 Copying Assets to Adobe Experience Design CC
27:03 Adobe Portfolio
28:14 Photoshop app downloads 65% faster
28:20 Legacy Healing Brush Mode
28:32 Font weights/styles grouped together
28:47 Document layer count in info and status bar
28:53 Info panel can show composite image values
28:59 Oil paint now works on lower end graphics cards
29:06 GPU rich features now enabled over remote connections
29:17 Better, faster content aware functionality
29:34 Small swatches again available in Swatches panel
29:41 Move divisions in Divide Slices command
29:54 Improved Brush performance
30:02 Text layer optimization
30:08 Detection of conflicting graphics cards to prevent Photoshop crashes
30:19 Name/value of color displayed in recently used colors
30:26 Hotkeys for Brush pressure & more
30:33 Hotkey for airbrush mode
30:41 New multi-touch changes
30:58 Color adaptation in Fill dialog box
31:07 32-bit system limitations
31:24 Photoshop to Behance integration is gone
31:41 No more Refine Edge dialog box

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  1. THE DUMBEST THING STILL FOR SUCH A POWERFUL GRAPHIC EDITING S/W BUT YET IT HAS THE SHITTIEST UI TEXT SIZE ADJUSTMENT>. It is either too big or too small when you are using a big 30" DELL for example.. 2017 and that is still not properly address and I see so many people still asking about this and how to adjust it incrementally so we can have the text in proportion.

  2. So I have a question I hope you can answer. When you finish working with a photo and it ask's you if
    you want to save the setting for future work, how do you revert it back?

  3. Great tutorial, thanks

  4. Well, as i see i'll have to keep just dreaming about the day i'll hit "ctrl+T" and scale an object and my FX (stroke, drop shadow etc) will scale together with it. Why they don't improve that? =(

  5. You are the best…love you man…

  6. Good job! sir ji

  7. Digging these videos with the CAMERA!

  8. This video is awesome! Very high quality and easy-to-understand for everyone! I'm new to photoshop and still struggling to get in to the whole thing but videos like this are perfect for me 🙂

  9. Wow really great job making this video!! Found you in the retouching sub on reddit (which I just discovered) but there are not a lot of people commenting anywhere on that sub so I figured I'd give you a shout here. That face recognizing liquify is insane! But as others say, the best part is your set-up. camera work and editing. No wait, the best part is that cool mic! 😉

  10. Which Display do you use FOR retouching And photoshop?

  11. Nice job!!

  12. How is the legacy healing brush different than the current one? I cannot see a difference.

  13. So great…Thank You!

  14. Great tut, well planned and executed. Just FYI, Ctrl + 0 will fit the work to the screen and instead of Ctrl+Alt+G to create clipping mask you can just hold Alt while hovering your cursor over the line between the two layers. The cursor will change to the clipping symbol, then you click and your layers are clipped. You may have already known this, but I'm just putting it out there for those who don't.

  15. Love the new setup for the video. As always, this is the best source for tutorials on YouTube! Thanks for your work Nathaniel!

  16. Very nice guide!

  17. I love the content aware crop-stretch feature. I would have no idea it was there. lol
    Thank you! =D

  18. great vid! thanks

  19. Is this Monitor the 'Samsung U28D590D'? If not, can you please tell me it's name?

  20. amazing job. thanks from chile

  21. Hmmm, interesting, when I played with Select and Mask with my Wacom tablet, every time I pushed the plus button, it reverted to the minus button. Really annoying!

  22. 10/10 Intro
    10/10 Content

  23. Would you mind collaborating with me ?

  24. Thank you, another brilliant presentation.

  25. SOLVED !!! A little question…Running on a Mac (as you do) with "El Capitan" OSX, when "cropping content aware" they don't appear the "labels". Only the icons….Would yo tell me where can I change it?. Thanks for this great (as usual) tutorial.
    How I did?. Edit Preferences and going back to the Default settings.

  26. Can you do a tutorial for removing shadow from wall

  27. Gave you a thumbs up, but I'm not watching it for two reasons. 1) I don't have have cc (good ole' cs6) 2) I don't want to be jealous of all the people that do have cc.

  28. I've learnt many photoshop tools from you brother…

    I want you to please create a series of tutorials about (Game Art and Assets).

    please let me know you'll create or not… I hope you'll create. 🙂

  29. supie dupie, thanks brother

  30. Great video, you are the "king Tut" of tutorials….

  31. For match font, if it doesn't work so well in photoshop, their are websites that are made to do that specific feature.

  32. Yes bro, great video!!

  33. I like how you filmed yourself and switch the recordings so is not boring to watch when you speak.

    Good job!

  34. Nice one, I upgraded but still haven't poked through all the new features. The B-Roll was a nice touch!

  35. Thanks a lot 🙂

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