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Vietnam Airlines VN594 : Flying from Ho Chi Minh City to Hong Kong

24th April 2016
I travelled on Vietnam Airlines to Hong Kong onboard VN-A322, an A321-200. The flight was quite average so I wished that Vietnam Airlines would improve their services onboard as well as extra features that could have been used on this flight like personal IFE screens and better seats.

It’s time to go back home but we first have to make a stopover in Hong Kong. We checked in and went through security and immigration towards the departure lounge. The immigration process took really long to complete so I was little bit annoyed. We went upstairs and ate at a Burger King while we watched the planes taxi, takeoff and land. We said our goodbyes and my Dad boarded MH751 at Gate 17 while we boarded VN594 at Bus Gate 12. The plane was a 6 year old A321-200 and my seat was 30A. We took off 20 minutes late and got served lunch afterwards. I watched the window outside and before we knew it, we landed at Hong Kong International Airport 40 minutes late. We parked at Gate 523 (Idk) and did some shopping, eating and sleeping before we caught our connection back home. Overall, it was an average flight.

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ProleteR – April Showers

Foria – Break Away [NCS Release]

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  1. Smooth landing

  2. 16:15

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  5. everytime i go on a street near the airport, i all see mostly a320 and a321

  6. it haves a VNA engine cuz jetstar bought that plane form vietnam airlines… so its nothing :)))

  7. Cool video. I'll be flying Vietnam Airlines soon. This gives me a good idea.

  8. im not surprised that a Vietnam Airline engine was on another airline. VNA bought a share with both in Jetstar Pacific and Vietjet Air

  9. Hey there, great review! Can I ask how were the crew onboard your flight? I would be flying with Vietnam Airlines in November and I am really curious about their onboard service 🙂

  10. ❤️ VNA

  11. Very nice review my friend!!

  12. Hi, I'm here to clear the air, the reason why Jetstar's plane has VNA Engine is because VNA holds 70% stakes of Jetstar Pacific Airlines, so I guess they may have changed the Jetstar's engine due to technical purposes and had the VNA's one installed in the meantime.

  13. Hi, my name is Tai, I live in Vietnam, how old are you?

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